Freitag, 26. Oktober 2007

The weekly ambassador meetings

It's a long time ago...exactly during the presentation during the FAD at Berlin I showed a slide (Page 7). This slide contains an overview of some weekly meetings. After a short discussion about why are there always a lot of European ambassadors at both time (FYI 22:00 UTC is midnight in western europe). Someone suggested to split the meetings. An European meeting at a pleasant moment...but now we can't split due to lack of attendance. Since LinuxTag there were 18 meetings. 14 were canceled! Do we still need weekly meetings? Is it an overkill? Is it just a waste of time? Today for me it was just wasting time. Three people showed up. Are the reasons... - I don't care what the other ambassadors do. - We have nothing to discuss. I don't know what to tell. - South America is far away, I'm not interested in stuff from there. - I have other stuff to do and can't take 30 min off. - I live in the wrong time zone. I guess that there is no more any need for exchanging information between the ambassadors about events and how stuff can be done because everybody have enough experience to handle it. On the Join page of the Ambassadors Project...

Step 1.  Participate in weekly meetings
Perhaps it would be a good idea to remove this step. No meeting, no possibility for a participation...FAMSco, this could be a topic for your next meeting. For your half-yearly meeting ;-)

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