Mittwoch, 31. Oktober 2007

The weekly ambassador meetings II

After the discussions around the weekly Ambassadors Meeting we are going to make a reorganization. This should improve the quality and the efficiency of the meetings. Now, I know that not everybody agrees that IRC Ambassadors Meetings are the right way. I like FADs much more than IRC meetings. But as long as the financial resources us not allow to hold every month a FAD somewhere on earth we have to do it online. Most important changes

  • one meeting a month (I hope to start in December with a large attendance :-) )
  • we divide the world into three areas - North and South America - APAC and all other countries in this time zone - EMEA and all other countries in this time zone
  • the meetings will be during the evening (local time)
  • we are looking forward to have for every region a leader and a co-leader.
The points to discuss are the topics which you are interest in. There will be separate email about the talking points. Just as a little input. It's up to YOU to make the Ambassadors Program as strong as it was in the beginning and give again more weight to it inside the Fedora Project. I know in the beginning everything was better and the ambassadors program was the heart of several other activities. But now it's the present, we are a large group (maybe the largest) and we should show this. I guess that nobody want to lose everything we have build up in the past due to lack of communication between all participants.

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