Mittwoch, 31. Oktober 2007

Leaders for the monthly meetings

We need for all three areas a leader and a co-leader or a replacement for the new monthly Ambassadors Meeting. The leader hasn't to do all stuff alone, of course. She/He is the person in charge about the meeting but she/he can delegate the issues to ambassadors how are able to help in the same region. Your mission will be: First part

  • Fix the time for the meeting in your region. Keep the wishes of your ambassadors in mind, please.
  • Fix the day (check for free time slots)
  • Invite all persons in your area to participate
  • and everything else in your head...
Second part
  • Collect the topic for the meeting
  • Send a reminder for the meeting
  • Update the wiki page
  • Chair during the meetings
  • Create a summary and the IRC log
  • and everything which I forgot right now
All volunteers are welcome. Take the opportunity to bring your area forward and become one of the meeting leaders. I hope that we will have leaders for all three parts of the world within two weeks.

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