Sonntag, 29. August 2010

Details about an user from FAS

FAMA (Fedora Ambassadors Membership Administration) doesn't only take care about about metrics for the Ambassadors group but also for the membership process. In the past there was a need for simple tools to interact with the Fedora Account System to get details about unapproved members. The latest of those scripts is called The functionality is similar to the supybot Fedora plugin (.fasinfo) expect that you can run it direct from the command line. It's useful for quick checks of FAS accounts if you know the FAS username.

[fab@laptop011 fama]$ python fab -g
ID                   : 100697
User                 : fab
Name                 : Fabian Affolter
Email                :
Bugzilla Email       :
Telephone            : +4179000007
IRC nick             : fabian_a
Timezone             : Europe/Zurich
Latitude             : 46.951081
Longitude            : 7.438637
Locale               : en
Status               : active
Privacy              : False
GPG key ID           : 36A4397F
Creation             : 2006-06-04
Last password change : 2009-03-01

Approved memberships:
- Fedora Documentation Project git/svn/cvs commit group
- Fedora Websites Team GIT Commit Group
- Security Spin
- Generic-logos Git Commit Group
- flightmode Git Commit Group
- Fedora Ambassador Project
- Fedora CLA Group
- Signed CLA Group
- Fedora Bugs Group
- Fedora Websites Team
- Fedora Documentation Project contributor group
- Translation CVS Commit Group
- l10n Commit Group
- Pyjigdo Git Commit Group
- Spin-kickstarts Git Commit Group
- Fedora Packager CVS Commit Group
- Fedora Translation Quick Start Guide Git Commit Group (ignore me)
- Fedora EMEA Board Members
- FAMA git Commit Group

Unapproved memberships:
-> There are no unapproved memberships.
I hope that I will find a better name for this script...

Donnerstag, 26. August 2010

Fedora and LinuxDay 2010 Dornbirn

The Call for Papers for LinuxDay 2010 at Dornbirn, Austria is open now.

Wiki page : Official web page :

Mittwoch, 25. August 2010


Für einen hat mir ein namhafter Dienst folgenden URL generiert: Umgangssprachlich könnte der letzte Teil auch etwas anderes bedeuten ;-)

FreeNX und Fedora 13

Meinen Artikel zu Freenx im Fedorawiki, der die Installation und die Konfiguration beschreibt, war ziemlich veraltet. Nach der Aktualisierung sollte es möglich sein FreeNX unter Fedora 13 in Betrieb zu nehmen. Kommentar, Ergänzungen, Korrekturen und anderes ist ausdrücklich erwünscht.

Sonntag, 22. August 2010

Bcfg2 - Source line of code

Language                      files          blank        comment           code
Python                          137           2650           2572          16894
Javascript                       15           1293           4080           4729
HTML                             38            178             32           1960
XSLT                             14            160              0           1322
XSD                              19            101              1            886
CSS                              13             92             41            696
Bourne Shell                     22            155            232            644
make                              5             53             45            240
XML                               5              4              2            135
Perl                              1             30             32             62
Bourne Again Shell                3              6             13             27
SQL                               2              1              0             10
SUM:                            274           4723           7050          27605
More trivia about Bcfg2 : unique visitors

More statistics :

Samstag, 21. August 2010


The next FOSDEM will take place in February 2011 (6. + 7. February 2011) at Brussels. Some details are already available : This post should encourage you to make an entry in your own agenda ;-)

Freitag, 20. August 2010

FUDCon Zurich 2010

I will be there but only partially.

Fedora Events in Europe

There are some upcoming events in Europe (in or around Switzerland to be more precise) till the end of the year. FrOSCamp FrOSCamp is a multilingual two-day event taking place sometime on September 17-18 on the premises of the ETH Zurich in Switzerland that is completely free of charge. It's intended to be an exhibition, conference and hackfest featuring free and open source software as well as free content. While various people and projects will show, explain, demonstrate and develop further their works the event is free of any commercial offerings (save snacks and drinks). The event is open to any visitor but it's also strongly encouraged that projects take the chance and exchange ideas and experiences with other projects or hold the project's yearly meeting during the gathering. Wiki page : Official web page : LinuxDay Dornbirn

LinuxDay is a small event in Austria near the Swiss, German, and Lichtenstein border with around 300 visitors. There are talks, a little fair ground, lightning talks, and often spontaneous short workshops.

Wiki page : Official web page : Those two events are looking for an event owner (aka a person who takes care of the Fedora presence/booth there). The event at Dornbirn is perfect for local ambassadors. Take your chance and become an event owner ;-)

Sonntag, 15. August 2010