Dienstag, 11. Mai 2010

Linuxwochen Vienna - Day 2

It's nice that the hotel is not that far away from the "Altes Rathaus". So we can sleep longer. In the morning the workshop thing started with Inkscape and the room was pretty full. Probably workshops are the new way to attract people. At Vienna this definitely works. Just walking through an exhibition is only consuming but during a workshop you are able to learn something and actively hit your teeth in a specific topic. Just looking at a command line on a big screen is completely different that typing in commands and see what will happen. I'm curious how many people will attend the RPM packaging workshop on Saturday afternoon. We have had a long conversation with Daniel Seuffert from *BSD about the "free and open source operating system world". The conclusion was that it's good that OpenSolaris, Linux, and *BSD are living in parallel because this "competition" let focus all groups on their main target. But nobody knows what will happen with OpenSolaris.

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Unknown hat gesagt…

fabaff, the workshops are not really a new way to attract ppl.

I doing that since years, we have at Chemnitz since long time such workshops.
Every day 6 of them. How they are filled up depends on the topic. When I make Gimp the workshop is already filled up with 32 ppl in a short time. Inkscape would be filled up to. For other workshops like packaging rpm u get at Chemnitz arround 15-20 ppl. The attendees have to pay a small fee for it 5€

The LinuxTag make this year Workshops to but I fear the prizes are to high for much attentees.

But its true, that way attract ppl, I made a workshop 2 years ago on Linuxinfotag in Dresden its a really small event but I had a workshop with more then 50 ppl there, it was really good for the event.