Dienstag, 11. Mai 2010

Linuxwochen Vienna - Day 3

Around noon was the start of my talks. The first one was about Fedora 13 and its features. Kevin watched my back during that talk and helped me to answer the questions from the audience. One of the listeners was interested if it will be possible to install other distribution with boot.fedoraproject.org. boot.kernel.org (BKO) supports that feature. I think that it isn't our target to help people installing XYZ with the help of boot.fedoraproject.org that should BKO do. The Spin talk was right after the Fedora 13 talk. This talk showed what kind of Spins are available and how Spins can be made. For the future I think that this topic is more attractive for a workshop than a talk. Just listen how to do it is different that actually do it. The RPM packing workshop was placed right after the openSuSE Buildsystem workshop. There were 8 people in the audience. If the attendees not bring along their own hardware this causes problems because with Windows 7 you are not able to use rpmbuild. After the workshop Kevin answered some interesting questions about QA and the development in the Fedora world in general. Zoltan manned the booth almost alone for the whole day (Thanks again) because Kevin and I were engaged with the talks and the workshop. The appearance of Zoltan came during the awards show for the winners of the Linuxwochen quiz. We decided to donate your last Fedora t-shirt as a trophy and so he was in charge of giving over the t-shirt to the winner. I was lucky that the winner was slim and tall because this last t-shirt was in size m. For dinner we went to an Italian restaurant because I wasn't in the mood of eating potato salad again. The waiter used to work at Berne before he went to Vienna and because of that the time frame till we got a table was longer than in other restaurants. He talk about the famous "Bärengraben" and wanted to know how the new "Bärenpark" looks like. Summary: Duration 3 days (plus 2 days for traveling) Fedora Contributors: 3 Talks: 2 Workshops: 1 Kilometer to drive: 1746 (for me) Pictures: soon The Linuxwochen is an event that should be covered by local Austrian ambassadors . It's small and a good place to get in touch with other local groups.

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