Freitag, 7. Mai 2010

Linuxwochen Vienna - Day 1

The location of the Linuxwochen is cool. Like a lot of other building in Vienna, the "Altes Rathaus" is a baroque building and the rooms are awesome. There is plenty of Gold and red carpets around. The "fair ground" or to be more precise the "fair room" is not that big. The area is 150 m^2 for five projects, five commercial booths, and a coffee bar. The event was not very crowded but that was not bad because this way we had had more time talk with the guys from openSuSE. Their table is next to us and we "shared" some visitors who were interested in RPM packaging and stuff like that. Kevin and his experience about RPM packaging was very useful. He also offered to assists me during the RPM packing workshop on Saturday. I can't wish a better partner for that topic than him. Unfortunately we will not be able to switch our time slot with the guys from openSuSE. To bad, so they will start with the workshop about their Buildsystem and later on we will speak about building packages. Plenty of people asked questions about the upcoming release of Fedora. And like at every event there were questions about the support of nonfree graphics cards. You know those names...During the afternoon a guys stopped at your booth. This guy haven't hear anything about Linux, and then he decided to participate in the free software world. We will see if he really open up an account in FAS.

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disi hat gesagt…

Jupp, that building is really amazing. I have been once to Vienna and loved it :)

kullnark hat gesagt…

thanks for running the Fedora Booth on this Event - i am so happy to read your Event Updates, big thanks!!!