Mittwoch, 16. Juli 2008

How many members are in a FAS group?

Inside the Fedora Ambassadors Project a long time the approved members were tracked by hand. This solution is no longer feasible. The Fedora Infrastructure Team provide a tool named python-fedora to get access to some parts of the Fedora Infrastructure easy. This is a small script to query a FAS group. It's the prototype for your need.


import sys, os, getpass
from fedora.accounts.fas2 import AccountSystem

def main():
  username = raw_input('Username: ').strip()
  password = getpass.getpass('Password: ')
  group_name = raw_input('Please enter the FAS group to query: ').strip()
  fas = AccountSystem(username=username, password=password)
  people = fas.group_by_name(group_name)
  long_name = people[u'display_name']
  short_name = people[u'name']
  people = people[u'approved_roles']
  # Display
  print "\n----------------------------------------------------"
  print "Group: " + long_name + " (" + short_name + ")\n"
  print "\nNumber of members: ",len(people)
  print "Human Name \t\tUser ID"
  print "----------------------------------------------------"
  for human in people:
    person = fas.person_by_id(human['person_id'])
    human_name = person[u'human_name']
    user_name = person[u'username']
    print human_name + "\t\t" + user_name

if __name__ == "__main__":
At the moment is the target to generate the wiki code for the Ambassadors Membership Verification page. Maybe it will end-up in a complete integration....who knows...

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Yankee hat gesagt…

You know, it would be trivial to include a count in the fas itself. Let me know how badly you need it ;)