Mittwoch, 7. Mai 2008

Fedora Press release LinuxTag 2008

The Fedora Project - LinuxTag 2008 turns blue The $100 laptop, Asus EEE PC, Mac Mini and Sony's Playstation 3 have one thing in common: Fedora, the free Linux distribution can be easily installed on these systems, as well as many others, without problems. This year at LinuxTag in Berlin, at the Fedora Project booth, you can experience yourself how well these systems run. The Fedora community will have a large booth, along with the latest and greatest of Free and Open Source Software; Fedora 9. Like last year, more then 20 Fedora Ambassadors gather from all over Europe, Africa and the U.S., excited about the visitors at the booth, and the Fedora User and Developer Conference "FUDCon". Fedora Project Booth May 28th - May 31st 2008, LinuxTag opens it's doors at the fairgrounds just under the Berlin Radio Tower - The Fedora Project will present itself to show off the latest release of the community-driven distribution Fedora - which visitors get to play with. Experts from innovative sub-projects like "Fedora Directory Server" and "Fedora Electronic Lab" are available as well to answer any questions, while enterprise users and administrators may find solutions for their businesses in the "Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux" (EPEL) Project. People that are not yet familiar with the Fedora Project, or have their first hands-on Linux experience at LinuxTag, can become LiveCDs as well as something completely new; USB sticks people bring can now be used as Live Media, which, compared to LiveCDs, have the advantage that settings can be customized. Experience Fedora to the fullest without changing any data on the installed system you boot using this media! Fedora User and Developer Conference - FUDCon The latest edition of the Fedora User and Developer Conference will take place at 30 May, as part of LinuxTag. The event is the most intensive gathering of contributors, participants and people interested in the Fedora Project, with presentations and lectures on various topics. Paul W. Frields, the Fedora Project leader, will shed a light on Fedora's past, and more importantly, Fedora's future. Max Spevack, former Fedora Project leader and now part of the Community Architecture team, will lecture about the strategy to extend the European community. Amongst other presentations, a talk is given on the latest Fedora 9, and on creating and customizing Fedora Spins. Details are in the program: All speakers on FUDCon of course are available at the booth during LinuxTag. Fedora 9 (Sulphur) As usual, the Fedora Project develops and integrates the latest Free and Open Source Software. May 13th 2008, Fedora 9 is released under code name Sulphur, developed by the community, supported by Red Hat. The Fedora Project is proud to be able to present it's latest offspring at LinuxTag, and with that the latest software available in the world of Free and Open Source Software. The most important features, developments and innovations can be obtained from About the Fedora Project Fedora is a development platform and a Linux-based operating system, which is released twice a year. This always includes the latest Free and Open Source Software. Fedora is free, always has been, and always will be, so that everyone can use, study, modify and (re-)distribute. It is developed by people in and around the globe living and working together as a community - the Fedora Project. The Fedora Project is a - a big community supported and largely sponsored by Red Hat - Open Source project and uses public forums and mailing lists to communicate. The project provides for fast, but high-quality software and innovation, all processes are open and it is lived meritocracy, with the large, but achievable vision, the best platform and the best free operating system developed to make it all available to everyone. Fedora always leads, never follows.

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Ehm...unter Fedora 9 fehlt das korrekte Release Date (13.05.) ;)

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