Freitag, 2. Mai 2008

Fedora Ambassadors

During the last weeks FAmSCo was cleaning up the Ambassadors part in the Fedora wiki. Once again we wants to encourage all Ambassadors to update their wiki page (especially email addresses) . Sooner or later we move from moinmoin to mediawiki and because of that it would be nice if the personal wiki pages of the ambassadors are up-to-date. There are still some people who had the CategoryAmbassadors+Country entry on their personal wiki page but not joined the "Ambassadors" group in the FAS. As I already mentioned in the private message they got some days ago will this entry be deleted at the end of this week. For clarification: We do NOT kick ambassadors out of the group, it's just a clean-up of people who stopped on their way to become a Fedora ambassador. Most of this entries where added before the person in question joined the "Ambassadors" group. Our doors are open widely and we welcome everybody. To join us ->

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