Donnerstag, 20. September 2007

OpenExpo Day 1

The OpenExpo is held beside the TopSoft. Topsoft is a commercial event for business ERP solutions, because of this there are a lot of ties and suites. The open source projects are all together near the entrance. Our "booth" neighbors are Ubuntu and gentoo. There are some *BSD project and OpenSuSE too. The rest of the projects covers e-learning platforms, cms systems, terminal solutions, and database systems (total there are around 30 projects). Our "booth" has a small table, some chairs and a wall with banners. I printed out some large logos and the statistics poster of the Fedora Marketing group. The organizations team of OpenExpo printed a "GNU/Linux Distro Timeline". After the opening in the morning most people went for the TopSoft event, but after the two hours more and more people visited the open source area. Short before lunch the visitors stand on each others feets. During the afternoon the visitors are getting younger. There were a lot of teenagers who are going from booth to booth. We have spread Fedora 7 install DVD to them so that it's possible for them to try Fedora out without a download. Everybody likes the Fedora sticker. The Ubuntu guys are a bit jealous about that ;-). In the evening Google does what the can do best...they have sponsored the social event. The problem was that the social event was two hours after the closing of the exhibition. A lot of people where not there because they went home or back to their hotels. So it was quite small and have had a lot of food for everybody. For the entertainment of the attendees they played some music between the "Lighting Talk" (very short presentations of a duration of maximum 1 minute). After a very long day we went for some sleep around 22.00.

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