Montag, 17. September 2007


Gerold Kassube is organizing the next FAD for EMEA and he like to invite you to help improving our group in Europe. So please check your agenda and have a look if it's possible for you to come to Rheinfelden, Germany at the following date Arrival: Friday, 2007-11-23 Working: Saturday, 2007-11-24 Departure: Sunday, 2007-11-25 The topics are: - Events 2008 (covering, attention, needs; budget discussions) - Non profit organisation (what will we do [next?!]) - SWAG (Memebership, Webshop, etc.) - Discussions & Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun .... He hope that you can arrange it to participate. Your answer is requested for latest 2007-09-30 (because of ordering rooms, meals etc.)

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