Freitag, 20. August 2010

Fedora Events in Europe

There are some upcoming events in Europe (in or around Switzerland to be more precise) till the end of the year. FrOSCamp FrOSCamp is a multilingual two-day event taking place sometime on September 17-18 on the premises of the ETH Zurich in Switzerland that is completely free of charge. It's intended to be an exhibition, conference and hackfest featuring free and open source software as well as free content. While various people and projects will show, explain, demonstrate and develop further their works the event is free of any commercial offerings (save snacks and drinks). The event is open to any visitor but it's also strongly encouraged that projects take the chance and exchange ideas and experiences with other projects or hold the project's yearly meeting during the gathering. Wiki page : Official web page : LinuxDay Dornbirn

LinuxDay is a small event in Austria near the Swiss, German, and Lichtenstein border with around 300 visitors. There are talks, a little fair ground, lightning talks, and often spontaneous short workshops.

Wiki page : Official web page : Those two events are looking for an event owner (aka a person who takes care of the Fedora presence/booth there). The event at Dornbirn is perfect for local ambassadors. Take your chance and become an event owner ;-)

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