Montag, 4. Mai 2009

Data out of the FAS

After a long time our script to deliver some data for the ambassadors group (or any other group) out of the Fedora Account System works. Thanks Joerg for fixing the issues. This is the output.

FAS Group         :  ambassadors
Date              :  Mon May  4 21:40:17 2009
Accounts checked  :  830
Inactive Accounts :  263
% inactive        :  31.686746988 %
I like that there are a lot of decimal places. This makes the result more accurate ;-)

2 Kommentare:

sankarshan hat gesagt…

That is a significantly high number of "inactive" Ambassadors. Is there a way to figure out combining this data with Yaakov's EKG scripts if the Ambassadors have been participating across projects other than Ambassadors ? Is that a good thing to do ?

quaid hat gesagt…

That's funny, I was going to say the opposite. Having only 1/3rd of a large volunteer force disengaged doesn't seem high to me. However, this is a group who have ideally gone through extra steps, so are more engaged/committed than someone who just gets a Fedora account and never does more with it. So perhaps it is too high ...