Freitag, 27. Juli 2007

No clicks

A web site with no links to click but full of content...impossible. No, the "next step of web design" is already available , take a look at and don't click just move your mouse around. I'm thinking about the handling of Fedora or every other os...might it be possible to do the daily work with no clicks? Yes, it is...just look out for a shell :-P

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Unknown hat gesagt…

Solutions for a non existing problem.

I didn't like this idea of a 'clickless' interface, in fact I don't like this holly war against buttons, clicks are very intuitive and they are also efficient, the user has a physical feedback and at the same time a audible one too, and all of that without a single line of code. :-)

If fact I like my mouses with three buttons, one for "usual activities" like clicking, one for "alternative actions" so I can for instance bring out a context menu and one for pasting, because copy and paste is the most used function in the computer so it must be available quickly (*).

*) This shortcut could be traded with a select, drag and drop routine, if that was possible system-wide. But as of today this is not possible from the terminal, for instance.

Anonym hat gesagt…

Well, this website is 2 years old and was very popular at this time. But I haven't seen any website/software seen changing from clicks to non-clicks (or whatever). To me, it's just inefficient. It works quite nice for this website, though - but I wouldn't want any text editor or IDE behaving that way. Imagine to copy/paste a string from one editor to another. First, you've got to highlight the piece you want to copy - show me the mouse gesture that does that fast and correct (i.e. starting and ending at the right positions in the line). Then, you change to the other editor and try to paste the string - how would you get the string to the right position without losing time?

No way!

I didn't think about the physical/audible feedback before, but victor's got some damn good point there. You could do this with force feedback/vibration or something too, though. But what for?