Freitag, 25. Mai 2007

The clock is ticking...

Now there are only 4 days left till the lauch of LinuxTag. Almost everything is ready, we have a breamer, Fedora polo-shirts for the ambassadors, name plates, merchandising stuff and banners but till now no Fedora 7. We will bridgeover the time at LinuxTag with a Troubleshooting contest. Red Hat has sponsored some cources (RHCE and RHCT) for the winners and other sponsors like Infor Systems, Acronis, O'Reilly and JeKKT are providing other stuff like books, goodies and hardware. Florian has kicked the talk of KushalDas because he thought that it doesn't fix. Unfortunately till today we were not able to find a place for his talk in the line-up of LinuxTag. Please be patient Kushal. Please remember: For the Social Event you have to make a reservation for a ticket if you want to attend.

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