Donnerstag, 27. August 2009


At the FUDCon at Brno in 2008 I started with making packages for Fedora. At the moment there are over 100 packages I'm the maintainer of. This fact doesn't say that I'm a good packager, that I know everything about packaging (Marcus can tell a story about that), or that I don't make any mistakes. This is only a number that is not showing the whole truth. Just to be straight, most of my packages are simple ones. Making a packages is much easier than doing the review. If you are lucky the package is finished in 15 min with tests in mock/koji, the review request in Bugzilla, and maybe a blog post or what ever. The review can take 45 min up to an hour to check all necessary points. I think that it's time to say 'Thank you' to the most active persons related to my packages in public because these guys are not only reviewing my stuff, they are sponsoring new packagers, setting up cvs everyday, and are always helpful with the packaging in general.

  • Christoph Wickert - for sponsoring me, his review, and his help
  • Jussi Lehtola - for all his reviews and help with the python and scientific packages
  • Jason Tibbitts - for all the cvs stuff
  • everybody who was working on my sugar activities
There are many more but I can't remember all name. Sorry if you are not listed here. Perhaps you will get a beer anyway from me ;-)

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