Donnerstag, 5. März 2009

Verfügbare Pakete für Fedora - März 2009

Das aktuelle Diagramm aus den Daten von

Fedora 7 5201
Fedora 8 6177
Fedora 9 7310
Fedora 10 7290
devel 7669

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Jef Spaleta hat gesagt…

More graphs!

Since you are in a graphing mood, I'll give you a little challenge.

How as our maintainers to packages ratio look over time? As our package collection grows are we growing maintainers at the same rate keeping a lid on average packageload per maintainer?

And What about other types of contribution besides package maintenance? Are the number of bugzilla reporters increasing at the same rate.. not number of bugs..number of people reporting. Are the number of wiki contributors increasing at the same rate? numbrt of Ambassadors?